Employee Handbooks As A Strategic Tool

image of employee handbooks as a strategic tool

It’s unfortunate that oftentimes an employee handbook becomes a dusty old binder on a shelf, or a forgotten link on a company’s intranet. But with proper maintenance and updates, employee handbooks can become a strategic tool to reinforce your management strategy, enhance your employee morale, and make life easier for your management team.

An employee handbook is not just for big companies, it’s also a strategic tool for emerging and growing businesses.
If you don’t have an employee handbook yet, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get one at the bottom of this blog.
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Want to Take Better Interview Notes?

Taking Interview Notes
Ever wish you knew how to take better interview notes? You know that feeling when you’ve interviewed 10 people and suddenly you can’t remember who said what because your notes don’t make any sense? That’s a real issue for hiring managers when they have to decide which candidate to select. But with a little planning, there’s no reason to end up with this dilemma! … Continue reading

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Interviewing Techniques and When To Use Them

woman and man using interviewing techniques

When conducting interviews, we recommend using different types of interviewing techniques to learn as much as possible about a candidate. Sometimes you need to probe for additional information or clarification. Other times, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t forming a negative opinion about a candidate too quickly in the interview. … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Better Telephone Interviews

image for telephone interview
Want to conduct better telephone interviews? Workplace Dimensions has 30+ years of experience, here’s some of what we’ve learned.

Telephone interviews save time (and money) for both employers and candidates, and help eliminate individuals who are not qualified for the job. … Continue reading

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