Employer's Toolkit
The Employer’s Toolkit includes everything you need to meet legal record keeping requirements while saving time and money!

You get the “top 20” most frequently used personnel forms, checklists and sample letters – compatible with PC word processors.

View a sample Orientation Checklist from the Employer’s Toolkit.
View a sample Warning Notice from the Employer’s Toolkit.

Your Investment: $200


The Employer’s Toolkit Includes:

  • Absence Tracking Calendar
  • Application Form
  • Applicant Referral Form
  • Company Property Form
  • Employee Information Form
  • Exit Interview Form
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Form
  • Interview Evaluation
  • Letter to Departing Employee
  • No Thanks Letters
  • Offer Letter
  • Orientation Checklist
  • Performance Appraisal for Staff
  • Performance Appraisal for Supervisor
  • Personnel Action Form
  • Position Description Form
  • Reference Check Form
  • Termination Checklist
  • W-4 Employee Federal Withholding Tax Form
  • Warning Notice